Hello Deam, please tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what is it that you do at Aragon Black?

Hello! I’m Deam with an “m” instead of “n”. I’m an all around web developer guy but I’m mostly doing frontend related work at Aragon Black. I’ve worked on setting up this very blog, our aragon.black website, Pando and recently Aragon Fundraising.

I’m mostly self taught and have been for around 4 years now. If I can do it, you can do it too! I love exploring new Open Source projects which can help improve the web. I’ve also been contributing a bit with some Open Source work of my own. I also like things to be pretty and neat, so I like to browse cool websites, designs etc.

What was it that lead you to Aragon project?

My very first encounter with the Aragon project was probably something I read on r/ethereum, but I might not have understood it fully. The next encounter was when I became a contributor at Giveth and where Yalda and Arthur made a Nest grant for the Planning Suite. I was one of the developers. It has since became Autark. I began to really understand what Aragon was about. The current way of doing organizations is pretty much the same across, governments, startups etc. When you choose one structure, you’re pretty much stuck. But with Aragon you can experiment, upgrade and develop new  organization structures/systems.

Do you remember the first time you heard about blockchain and what were you thoughts about this new techno?

Not really! But I remember when I tried to convince my dad to buy a single Bitcoin! At the time it was 200 dollars... He has since then regretted not listening to me. I remember that I didn’t understand it at first, but kept on coming back to it, trying to understand everything about blockchain and dove into Ethereum, reading white papers etc. I came to like it very much since we want development in this direction. The financial system is based on centralized servers and can easily be manipulated by certain individuals. Blockchain is decentralized and you could say it’s the financial system of the people. It’s all inclusive and you own your own money.

In your opinion, what are the particular benefits that a UI/UX developer can find in blockchain work? What are the benefits that you find personally for example?

In my opinion, it’s a bigger challenge than the normal web, since you have to understand the underlying system which is blockchain and its challenges. I think it’s exciting because you get to think in a different way than you normally do with web2. You’re not just a “UI/UX” developer. You're also a researcher that has to incorporate knowledge he learns day after day into his frontend work. It's a very flourishing ecosystem where you can work with a ton of talented developers that you can learn from. There are also libraries and open source work that you can take advantage of anytime!

If you had to describe the perfect profile of a frontend developer in blockchain ecosystem, what would it sounds like?

Well, perhaps someone that is focused on the end user and on the whole experience, trying to guide the users through it. In blockchain world, we want to hide as much complexity as possible, like if it was just using normal web. The complexity behind it should be explained to the user, but gradually, so he/she can learn the impact of the technology and the why. The frontend developer should probably also be an Open Source advocate and be part of the community, sharing knowledge etc.

Fork is a big issue in the Pando Network vision, let's imagine we could roll back time for an instant, at the moment when "The DAO" crashed, were you a pro-fork person or a non-fork person?

I’m torn between the two... I think it can be seen from different perspectives. I like things to be immutable as it is in the real world and adapt. But seeing from a community side and future development of the chain, I think it was a good choice to fork. Ethereum and blockchain wouldn’t have been what it is today without The DAO event. There are no ups without downs.

Collaboration is a very big issue in your project, so let's talk a bit more about your team. How did you meet the rest of Aragon Black?

I actually first met Cem and Dani at devcon4 last year. It was a spontaneous meeting about a job position at Pando. We met at a bar and instantly clicked. Great talk with both of them and it developed from there. I had a call with Olivier soon afterwards and we have worked together since then.

I recently met Olivier and Xavier in real life in Berlin with the whole Aragon community. Such a fantastic moment. Everyone was really nice!

In your opinion, what is it that keeps Aragon Black's team motivated towards the same vision?

I think many in the team are politically motivated since we all want to do good. Lots of systems are broken in this world and even though we can’t have a perfect system, we want to, at least, strive to develop better systems. Systems that can be upgraded and not stuck with broken structures. We also want to be part of something bigger, and the fact we are in this ecosystem together, we are pushing the world into a new and more inclusive direction. The people are getting control again. Freedom and decentralization!

What is your personnal and human contribution to your team?

I’m chill, positive, likes to help, open minded and pretty fast at responding!

Conversely, what is the weird/annoying thing that you do, and that your team could or has noticed about you?

I don’t know! I’m the youngest in the team, so I might be more upbeat and asking lots of questions? I’m not good at taking much initiatives (I'm working on that), but I’m getting things done quickly if you tell me exactly what to do!

Let’s talk a bit more about you. Beside Pando and Aragon Black, what are your hobbies/interests?

I like to do lots of things! “Jack of all trades but master of none” or as I see it “master of all things”. I like music so I decided to make my own. I’m making mostly electronics music. You can check me out on Spotify - my artist name is just DEAM. I like to take photos and film videos on occasions. I also have a YouTube channel where I teach web stuff. I like entrepreneurship, self improvement and development. I used to game a lot too, but I don’t have much time for it now, so I deleted my games. I also love to help people, so feel free to DM me on Twitter @deamlabs.

If you had to choose an author that could be your leitmotiv author, which one would it be and why?

I’m not sure about this one. I’ve read a lot of fantasy books, so it would probably be one of those authors. When I was younger, I read many books from a Danish author called Josefine Ottesen! It was not only fantasy but also science fiction and dystopian. Reminds me of not only live in reality but also beyond it.

Can you give us a quote that has inspired you in many ways so far!?

I like quotes. I don’t always remember them but I like to be reminded. For this one I will choose the following: “Keep moving”.

It’s a simple one and can have multiple meanings. For me this is about not being broken by life and it’s many downs. It’s about taking action and reaching out. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without jumping into it and meeting new people from the blockchain world.

Let’s end with this, if you had to create “The” playlist of your journey within the blockchain ecosystem, what would you choose for your opening song?

This is a hard one! I choose “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. Haha :D

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